Powerful Liverpool cant scare white wall: Real reaches semifinals CL

Real Madrid has reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. Visiting Liverpool, De Koninklijke successfully defended a 3-1 lead from the first race. At Anfield there were no goals in over 90 minutes of games, it remained at 0-0.
Where the final score suggests that there was not much to do in Liverpool, both teams did get opportunities to open the score. The home team struggled to make a fist in the first match – visiting Madrid – but got a number of imposed odds on the 1-0 at their own stadium. Mohamed Salah, Sadio Manรฉ and Georginio Wijnaldum – who shot in a promising position – were close to the opening hit.
Not only did The Reds get opportunities to open the score. Real lurked at the counter and watched Karim Benzema hit the pole behind Alisson through a Liverpool leg. Just before that, referee Bjรถrn Kuipers had to intervene after a tough tackle by Casemiro on James Milner. The Dutch arbitrator found yellow sufficient and was supported by VAR Pol van Boekel.

Casemiro takes revenge ๐Ÿ˜ก Pulls Kuipers here the right card? ๐Ÿง #ZiggoSport #UCL #LIVRMA pic.twitter.com/9Y0pllJuyi
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In the second act Real withdrew far on its own half. Liverpool came a few times menacing in the penalty area of De Koninklijke, but each time there was a defensive leg in between. The fire went out as the second half progressed on the home team. Real simply stood up and even came out dangerously on the counter a number of times. Liverpool had to thank Goalkeeper Alisson Becker for staying at 0-0.
The victory over two matches allows Real to compete for a duel with Chelsea. The other semi-final goes between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.