Praise for excellence Harroui and Bijlow: ‘He can show himself to the whole of Europe’

Ibrahim Afellay is particularly enthusiastic about Abdou Harroui, the silent force on the midfield of Jong Orange. He thinks that Sparta is following Jong Oranje‘s performance with great interest, because that might be good for Harroui’s market value. There are also compliments for Justin Bijlow.
โ€œI like footballers who think ahead and dare to take initiative. This boy plays with Sparta, with all due respect,โ€ says Afellay at the CCEit. โ€œHe always sits in between, defensive he stands his man. Feyenoord paid 1.2 million euros for Mark Diemers, while this boy is playing on the other side of town. It is good for him and Sparta that Jong Orange is now on.โ€
BijLoWafellay is also positive about the contribution of Bijlow, who had a great match against Jong France. โ€œHe did excellent what he had to do. He‘s a guy who exudes a lot of confidence. It is understandable that Feyenoord is very happy with him and sees future in him. It is important that he stays fit a little longer, because he has not created a series in which he can live up to his talent.โ€
โ€œPotential it is the best goalkeeper of the young generation,โ€ adds Theo Janssen. โ€œIt’
s not for nothing that we wondered if he should have joined the Dutch team. If he‘d been fit for a whole season, more people would have called it. It’s good that he can play a few games and Feyenoord will have a fit goalkeeper.โ€
โ€œHe can now show himself on the highest stage to the whole of Europe and that is of course fantastic for Feyenoord. At the tournament with the Dutch team he had not played anyway.โ€