Praise for Feyenoord mercenary Bozeník despite lesser duels: ‘Was good transfer’

Róbert Bozeník cant break pots at Fortuna Düsseldorf yet, but trainer Christian Preußer is not very worried. The 37-year-old Dark sees that there is work to do for Bozeník.
Düsseldorf took over the Slovak striker at the lock of the transfer window on a rental basis from Feyenoord. Bozeník still started his time in Germany, by scoring on his basic debut. After that, however, the striker went less: he ended up on the couch again and did not convince him in his rade-ins.
Despite this, coach Preußer is still happy with the arrival of Bozeník. I
m glad hes there, it was a good transfer, he got Kicker to record. Preußer is also mild for Bozeník after his statements in his home country. There the international was already talking about a departure from Dusseldorf. He is young and will learn from it, says Preußer.
On a sporty level, Bozeník can also improve a number of things. Róbert has a lot of energy and says what he wants, we need that confidence, Preußer begins. But tactical insight is also part of it.