Praise for Weghorst: ‘How he waps himself, I have real respect for it’

Michel Vlap spoke on the question of Wout Weghorst. The striker of VfL Wolfsburg makes one goal after the other in Germany, but is not part of the 24-piece selection of the Dutch team.
Coach Frank de Boer chose Luuk de Jong. โ€œI find Wegorst a bit more dynamic, may be a bit faster,โ€ says Vlap, player of Arminia Bielefeld, at Goede morgen Oranje on ESPN. โ€œHe has become more skilled at the ball and has an unbelievable drive. I would have taken him in anyway. Not that he necessarily has to play, but I would have taken him along.โ€
Vlap has also been able to taste the Bundesliga himself. โ€œI really respect it. I‘m soccer there myself now… I don’t mean to say that I underestimated the Bundesliga, but how Weghorst waves up there…โ€
โ€œHe plays at Wolfsburg, a really great team. He‘s way further than when I saw him at AZ. Physically he’s started to arm himself more, he‘s also more technical. If those balls go in, you’re gonna believe in them too.โ€