Praise from England for Van de Beek: ‘A compliment for Manchester United’

Micah Richards, BBC football analyst, predicts that Donny van de Beek, Hakim Ziyech and Nathan Aké will have a great season in the Premier League. The three are part of Richards top five best transfers so far.

Timo Werner is the best transfer so far in the Premier League, says Richards to The Daily Mail. Behind it, however, is the transfer from Donny van de Beek to Manchester United. He has a lot of technique and is comfortable at the ball. A compliment to United for the way they have been able to bring this about. There were hardly any rumours and suddenly Van de Beek was a player of United. An excellent thing
Number three on the list is for Hakim Ziyech, former teammate of Van de Beek at Ajax. I had been wondering for some time when he was going to make a move. Every time I saw him play for Ajax in Europe it became clear to me how good he is and how good he can become. He plays without fear, is not a winger who just wants to do tricks and show how good he is. He wants to attack and then attack again. Ziyech will become a key figure.
Fourth, Richards writes Abdoulaye Doucouré, who went from Watford to Everton. Nathan Aké, however, is fifth on Richards list. Pep Guardiola loves him and sees Aké as a central defender, a left back and perhaps even a controlling midfielder. I wonder how he deals with the pressure you get when youre a player from Manchester City