Praise of Republicans for Speech Biden

Politicians from the Republican Party of Donald Trump also responded positively to Joe Biden‘s speech. Senator and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, known as critic of his party mate Trump, spoke of a โ€œvery powerfulโ€ speech according to CNN.

In his speech, Biden argued for unity. That paid him a compliment from moderately known senator Susan Collins. She described the speech as a โ€œcall for us to come together and see each other no longer as opponents, but as fellow Americans.โ€ She said she was willing to work with Biden to achieve โ€œshared goalsโ€.

The new president could use such support. At the moment, none of the parties have a majority in the Senate. In fact, that means that the Democrats are the dominant party there, because Vice President Kamala Harris has the decisive vote when the votes strike. However, Biden has little room for manoeuvre.

Republican senators Lisa Murkowski and Pat Toomey also praised the speech.

Toomey said he was positive about โ€œPresident Biden’s call for national unity, and his promise to those who did not support him that he would still be a president to all Americans.โ€

Republicans and Democrats have been on a regular collision course in recent years. However, the recent storming of the Capitol led to growing criticism of Trump from the Republican camp. Although the former president is still popular with a large number of Republican constituents, some politicians from his party accuse him of harassing his supporters.