Preamble on Disney film: shot in area where Uighurs are trapped

There’s a lot of fuss about the Disney movie Mulan. Part of the film was shot in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. In that province at least one million Uighurs are imprisoned in camps, where they are badly treated.

The province is very large and Disney didn’t come close to the camps. Still, people think they shouldn’t have filmed in the province, because they had to work with politicians to do so. And those politicians cooperate in the oppression of the Uighurs.

Online the hashtag ‘Boycot Mulan’ is used a lot. People use it to call on them not to watch the film anymore.

Little is known about the situation of the imprisoned Uighurs in China. China doesn’t want to say anything about the camps, and foreigners are not allowed to go there. People who have escaped from the camps tell fierce stories about abuses.

Earlier this year reporter Noortje was with Dilnur and Dilara. They live in the Netherlands, but have a lot of Uyghur family in China. They are probably locked up in one of those camps. Here you can look back at that video: