Prebate press release from Sparta: Get congratulations, but havent signed yet.

Henk van Ste, technical director of Sparta, understands nothing of the statements of the President of the Rotterdam. According to Leo Ruijs, it is certain that Van Ste will be given extra tasks, but the ‘td’ of Sparta knows nothing about that.

In Sparta‘s New Year’s message, Ruijs said that Van Stee, who as technical director has various tasks around the first team, will also be responsible for the entire youth training. There seems to be little of that. โ€œI haven‘t signed anything yetโ€, says Van See to the Algemeen Dagblad.
Van See does say that both parties had plans to give him more duties. โ€œI receive congratulations from everyone for the message from our chairman. And Sparta has the intention to make me responsible for the entire youth education, and I have that intention myself. So there’
s no misunderstanding about that. But it seems to me that it is so convenient when the contract duration and responsibilities become black and white.โ€
And so President Ruijs‘s statements were particularly premature. โ€œIt was far too premature for the board to issue a press release about this. It’s not round at all. I would like to congratulate you only when I have signed the contract.โ€