Predator: Hunting Ground came out on Steam โ€” it costs 3 times as much as on release

Today Predator: Hunting Ground made it to Steam โ€” one year after premiering at Epic Games Store and on PlayStation 4. However, now asymmetrical action on PC is sold 3 times more expensive. At the end of April 2020, it cost only 899 rubles (expanded edition โ€” 1299 rubles), but about a month ago EGS there was a hidden price increase to 2849 rubles (3574 rubles) .

In Steam game launched at the same high price, and in the PlayStation Store the price hike occurred today – and up to the same 2849 rubles. Previously, action for PS4 sold for 2599 rubles.

The expanded edition went up from 3799 to 4299 rubles. No one has commented on the price hike in any way, but Epic Games Store note that this is the decision of developers.

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