Predecessor/Antivaxer spreads millions of leaflets against inoculation

Chances are that the magazine Eyopener will be on the doormat at the end of this week. In the magazine, people are called on not to get vaccinated. It‘s distributed five million times this week and is funded by sponsors.

Eyeopener is an initiative of antivaxer Jaap Dieleman from Zeewolde, who hopes that people โ€œget to know Jesus as their saviorโ€ and see that the coronapandemic is โ€œan action of the antichristโ€. Dieleman (66) describes himself as โ€œtraveling preacherโ€. He is also the author of several books and director of the De Heilbode Foundation and of a relief organization in India.

He decided to make the magazine โ€œbecause every Dutchman has the right to hear the good news of God’s love. Especially now that the world is in such a great need and Jesus is the only answer,โ€ he says to DeccEit.

โ€œThis is a one-pipter.โ€

โ€œ This is truly a completely isolated person within the evangelical world. A real one-piper, with its own foundation and organization. He is also not attached to a church,โ€ says Miranda Klaver, Professor of Anthropology of Religion at the Free University. According to her, Dieleman‘s theories are a combination of religious ideas and conspiracy theories. โ€œHis sources are mainly traced to American YouTube prophets, in the pro-Trumpet corner.โ€

In the pamphlet Eyeopener readers are called on not to be vaccinated and to convert to Jesus. If the reader does, โ€œafter the coming dark period of the devilโ€ a more beautiful period will come. โ€œHeaven on Earth, โ€œso is the thought.

About vaccinating against corona Dieleman says that eventually โ€œeveryone will be forced, and if you refuse, you will be killedโ€.

โ€œ Dieleman does not show what the religious community stands for,โ€ says theologian Klaver. โ€œAlso his number of followers is not so large, and is mainly on social media.โ€

There’s a lot of criticism on social media on the magazine. โ€œThis has nothing to do with Christianity,โ€ says someone on Twitter. Another says, โ€œI‘ve never been so happy with my paper binโ€.

The cost of Eyeopener’s million-dollar circulation is 600,000 euros. The leaflet is distributed by the company Spotta, which distributes advertising among others. โ€œWe spread various expressions, at the moment for example for political parties, where we also do not determine the content of their party programme and related expressions. We do draw a line in eroticism and violence.โ€