Prehistoric fossil found in backyard Las Vegas

While digging a new pool for a couple living in Las Vegas, a group of workers made a very special discovery. They came across the thousands of years old bones of a prehistoric horse.

When the police came to investigate the found, the conclusion was quickly drawn that they could never have been human. โ€œThey soon realised that the bones were far too big for that,โ€ says Matt Perkins, the owner of the pool under construction, to CNN.

Although this message brought relief to Perkins and his partner, curiosity grew among the two. Paleontologist Joshua Bonde from the Nevada Science Center was invited to inspect the bones. Bonde says that they often get calls with these kinds of notifications and often there is nothing interesting, but this time nothing turned out to be less true.

Thousands of years old

Scientist Bonde soon discovered that it was the bones of a fossilized horse from prehistoric times. From the way in which the remains of the beast were together, it was immediately apparent how he must have walked along thousands of years ago. According to Bonde, the beast would have lived between 6,000 and 14,000 years ago. Scientists from the US Geological Survey tell us to do further research in order to specify when the horse died exactly.

Perkins and his partner intend to lend the fossil to the Nevada Science Center or another place where it can be studied.