Premiere of fencing simulator Hellish Quart proved successful

The Hellish Quart fencing duel simulator, created by famous Polish 3D animator Jakub Kishel, appeared in early Steam access. And the premiere for a niche game by the single developer proved successful. According to SteamCharts, the maximum number of players online reached 484, and on average more than 350 people are playing simultaneously.

The early version of Hellish Quart is heavily cut compared to what is promised to release. In it, in particular, there is no story campaign, the plot of which, as we know, is composed by the screenwriter of the first part of โ€œThe Witcherโ€ and Earth 2160 Jacek Komuda, few maps and characters.

Nevertheless the game collects very positive reviews. About 95% of players recommend Hellish Quart for purchase, although many warn that before us – a technical backbone, and even the multiplayer is still implemented โ€œin the draftโ€.

But the unique combat system combines realism, depth and ease of masting. Hellish Quart until February 23 is sold at a discount of 15%, for 333 rubles.

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