President and Prime Minister Mali resign after imprisonment

According to a Vice-Presidents spokesman, the Malian President and Prime Minister announced their resignation. President Bah Ndaw and Prime Minister Moctar Ouane were imprisoned on Tuesday by Vice President and Army Leader Assimi Goita. The United Nations Security Council unanimously calls for their โ€œsafe, immediate and unconditional releaseโ€ and the immediate return of military and security forces to their barracks.

Ndaw and Ouane are trapped on a military base outside of capital Bamako. They came to power last year as part of a transitional government established following a military coup led by Goita. The Vice President has now again seized power because of the dismissal of military affiliated ministers by Ndaw and Ouane.

โ€œ Negotiations on the release of the President and the Prime Minister and on the formation of a new government are in full swing,โ€ said a spokesman for Goita.

Local media report that the junta plans to close the borders and set a curfew. Mali has long been troubled by jihadist gangs carrying out attacks on villages, cities and military bases. The UN Security Council will discuss the situation in the African country on Wednesday. Many international leaders have already asked for the release of the President and Prime Minister.