President Biden heads to Buffalo to talk to bereaved members of shooting

U.S. President Biden will travel tomorrow to Buffalo in upstate New York where an 18-year-old man opened fire in a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood on Saturday. Ten people were killed in the shooting, three were injured. The shooter was arrested.

Biden is going to talk to families of the victims in Buffalo. In a speech last night (Dutch time), the president called the shooting racially motivated. โ€œA lone gunman, armed with weapons of war and a soul filled with hate, shot dead ten innocent people in cold blood in a supermarket on Saturday afternoon,โ€ the president told the crowd outside the Capitol.

In a manifesto, the shooter named Payton Gendron wrote that he wanted to shoot as many black people as possible. He also filmed the massacre and broadcast the footage live on live streaming service Twitch.

The attacker is still stuck. After his arrest, he was brought to trial. Among other things, he is suspected of committing a racist hate crime.