President-in-Office: More support endangered MPs

President of Parliament Bergkamp wants to better support MPs who are under threat. A team that helps MPs will be expanded and Bergkamp wants to offer parliamentarians how to deal with a threat.

The number of registered threats from politicians has risen in recent years and preliminary 2020 figures are also showing an increase. Bergkamp: โ€œIt is of course terrible when I see what Geert Wilders and Hugo de Jonge get over him. I see a trend that it widens and more MPs are dealing with itโ€.

โ€œThink before you post anythingโ€

The President-in-Office considers the developments to be worrying and now wants to make โ€œa statementโ€: โ€œThere is nothing to have a spicy debate, but threats are not normal. So think before you post anything on social media,โ€ she emphasizes. In addition to online threats, she believes that threat letters are also coming in.

Yesterday it was announced that a man was trapped who might want to commit an assassination attempt on Prime Minister Rutte. And on Tuesday, someone who had threatened D66 leader Kaag and Minister De Jonge was convicted.

Do what it takes

How many people need to join to assist MPs and advise on security issues, the chairman is not sure: โ€œWe do what is necessary.โ€

The courses she wants to offer to the peoples representatives will include dealing with threats, but also protecting private addresses, for example.

There is also an evaluation of the safety of the Chamber Building itself. Since this summer parliament has been housed in a temporary building.