President Indonesia condolences family of crew submarine

Indonesian President Joko Widodo gave his condolences to the family of the 53-headed crew of the missing submarine. The vessel sank according to the Navy.

โ€œ All Indonesians express our deep grief at this tragedy, especially towards the families of the crew,โ€ the President said. The KRI Nanggala-402 disappeared on Wednesday during an exercise about 95 kilometers off the coast of Bali.

On Saturday, it was announced that suspected wreckage from the submarine had been found. The supply of oxygen on board ran out the same day. As a result, there was no hope of finding survivors.

The submarine is located with a scan at about 850 meters deep, while it is built to dive up to 500 meters deep. Presumably, the submarine broke open because of the water pressure. It is not known that the 44 year old submarine has been avenged into trouble. According to the authorities, it was seaworthy.

Theres still a search for the exact location of the submarine. Indonesia receives help in the search from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and other countries. Ships and aircraft are being used to search an area of 34 square kilometers.