President John F. Kennedys younger sister dies

Jean Kennedy Smith, President John Kennedy‘s younger sister, died on Wednesday at the age of 92.

member of the Kennedy dynasty died
at his Manhattan residence, as confirmed by his daughter Kym.

Kennedy Smith was the eighth of nine children of Joseph and Rose Kennedy and survived her brothers, many of whom died tragically, like John Fitzgerald and Robert.

She had married a financial advisor from the
family and future White House Chief of Staff, Stephen Edward Smith, and
was seen as a low-profile woman fleeing the public scene.

Although she never ran for public office, she supported her brothers’ candidacies.

President Bill Clinton – who said she was as Irish as she was American – appointed her as US Ambassador to Ireland.

During her tenure, she played a leading role in the process
of peace in Northern Ireland. Kennedy Smith persuaded Bill Clinton to give him
a visa in 1994 to Gerry Adams, the head of the IRA, associated with the Sinn
Fein, which led the British government to label him a “terrorist”.

She had four children; Stephen Jr., William, Amanda and Kym.