President of the Chamber urges informers

Chairman of the Chamber Bergkamp sent a letter to the informers Remkes and Koolmees. She insists on more urgency in the cabinet formation. โ€œI am committed to informing you that, especially now that the formation duration is in its entirety a longer than usual so far, the urgency to reach conclusions is also increasing,โ€ writes Bergkamp.

The formation has now been underway for 7.5 months, and there is no clarity as to when a new ministerial team is on the boards. โ€œWe are also increasingly reaching signals of impatience from society,โ€ writes the President of the Chamber, who wants to see a time path from Remkes and Koolmees as soon as possible.

Earlier today, the informers sent a letter to the House indicating that last weeks meetings at the Zwaluwenberg estate in Hilversum โ€œcontributed to a good basis for the progress of the cabinet formation in the coming periodโ€.

Still this year?

The aim of the negotiating parties is to finish writing a coalition agreement and attracting government persons this year, but it is not yet certain whether that will work out, say insiders.

Tomorrow, discussions between the secondants of VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie will continue again. Then senior officials from the Tax Authorities also call on to explain the handling of the payment affair. After that, representatives of the IND and the COA come by to talk about the asylum chain.