President resigned and Prime Minister Mali released

President Ndaw and Prime Minister Quane of Mali were released last night, says an assistant to the Vice President to the press agencies Reuters and AP. The two were arrested on Monday by order of Vice President Goita and detained at an army base.

Their release was about to come because Ndaw and Quane had already resigned their duties last night. It was announced that they would be released โ€œgraduallyโ€ afterwards.


The arrest of the President and Prime Minister had to do with the replacement of the Ministers of Homeland Security and Defence, which was announced on Monday. According to Vice President Goita, President Ndaw had not discussed their resignation with him, thus violating the mutual agreements.

The replaced ministers were two senior soldiers, who were closely involved in the deposition of the then president in August. The current Vice President Goita was one of the main captains of that coup.


After the coup d‘รฉtat, former Colonel Ndaw was in charge of an interim government, which had to prepare Mali for free elections in a year and a half. The North-West African country had to deal with violence and advancing jihadism for years after a previous coup nine years ago.

Whoever will lead Mali has not yet been announced, but it is expected that Goita will become president. โ€œThat’s what you do when you take power as vice president,โ€ said Mali expert Mirjam de Bruijn yesterday to DeccEit. โ€œDe facto de junta now has power in Mali.โ€