President Trump arrived in Kenosha to thank National Guard

President Trump has arrived in the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin. It’s been agitated since a police officer shot a black man last Sunday. Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back and, according to his family, was paralyzed to the waist.

Last week there were fierce protests against the actions of the police, which regularly resulted in riots. The National Guard was deployed to maintain order.

Donald Trump said he wants to see with his own eyes the devastation caused by demonstrators in Kenosha and he wants to thank the National Guard “for their great work”

According to Trump, the city would have been “razed to the ground” if it hadn’t been for the National Guard. Those guards were initially deployed by the Democratic governor Evers, but later, after consultation between Trump and the governor, more came to Wisconsin

“Pain and division

The president will not meet any relatives of Jacob Blake during his visit to Kenosha. They have no need for that, let an uncle of Blake know in a statement. “We don’t need more pain and division from a president who wants to continue his campaign at the expense of our city.”

Local administrators asked Trump to stay away sooner, for fear of new unrest. According to Governor Evers, the president wants to use his visit to Kenosha to win votes for his message about maintaining law and order. This is a key theme for Trump and the Republicans in the upcoming elections in November.