Presidential in Guinea: Opposition denounces “large-scale” fraud

The main opposition party in Guinea on Tuesday denounced large-scale fraud in order to deprive it of the victory it claimed in Sunday‘s presidential election, while the major African regional organizations ruled that the elections had been conducted regularly.

The outgoing president Alpha Condé, who is running for a controversial third term at the age of 82, is doing everything possible to change the results of the ballot boxes in his favour, accused Fodé Oussou Fofana, campaign director of his main opponent, Cellou Dalein Diallo to the press.

Territorial administrators, defence and security forces, ministers, senior government officials and some magistrates are all mobilized to carry out this large-scale fraud, he said.

This time, no one will steal our victory, Fofana added.

Mr Diallo said on Monday that he won the election from the first round, a unilateral statement that triggered scenes of joy in neighborhoods in the suburbs of Conakry, his stronghold and party stronghold, the Union of Democratic Forces (UFDG), but also condemnation of the ruling party and violence.

These killed four teenagers killed by the defence and security forces under the command of Alpha Condé, said Fodé Oussou Fofana, while the UFDG had so far reported a death toll of three.

The body responsible for organizing the elections, the Ceni, considered Mr. Diall’s proclamation of victory to be premature, null and void.

UFDG‘s communications director, Ousmane Gaoual Diallo, estimated Tuesday that the candidate Cellou Dalien Diallo would get between 53 and 58%, while the tension remains palpable in Conakry.

Encircled Home

Mr. Diallo’s home was girded early on Tuesday evening by about 25 gendarmes and police officers, equipped with helmets and shields and supported by two riot trucks, an AFP journalist said.

I am currently blocked at home: my home is surrounded by police and gendarmerie, which prohibit entry and exit. Unable to cope with the truth of the ballot boxes, Alpha Condé‘s anti-democratic regime tries to impose itself by force. It is time for the #Guinée to turn the page of this liberticidal and fratricidal regime, wrote Mr Diallo on Facebook.

Alpha Condé broke the silence he had been observing since Sunday with a short Facebook message: #Vous and me. I welcome the political maturity of our fellow citizens. Guinea is one and indivisible. #Paix #Quiétude #Sérénité.

The electoral process took place in peace, in accordance with the legislation in force in Guinea, said José Maria Neves, head of the observer mission of the Community of West African States (Cédeao) in Conakry earlier this afternoon.

Despite fears of violence, the elections were conducted in a transparent, secure, calm and tranquil manner, said African Union Chief Observer Augustin Matata Ponyo.

The two African organizations launched an appeal to candidates to respect the results of the ballot boxes, urging them to use legal channels to resolve any electoral disputes.

The outcome of the election with 12 candidates should be between Mr. Condé and Mr. Diallo.

Fear of theft

Sunday’s presidential election took place in a climate of intense tension and fears of an eruption of violence.

The vote itself took place peacefully. But it was preceded by months of deadly tensions and an acrimonious campaign in which no one gave the impression of being ready to accept defeat.

Guinea is customary to see blood flow during elections and during periods of political confrontation. In recent months, opposition protests against a third term of office of Mr Condé have been severely repressed. There have been dozens of civilian deaths, opposition and authorities diverging over numbers and responsibilities.

Mr Diallo and his party have consistently expressed concern that Mr Condé will steal their victory by cheating, as they said was the case in the 2010 and 2015 presidential elections. Their total distrust was heeded by the amendment of the Constitution which Mr Condé had made in March to modernize the country, he said.

He and his side have invoked the new Constitution to justify his candidacy for a third term, although the number is limited to two. They argued thatcounters have been reset to zero.

A second round, if it is to take place, is scheduled on 24 November.

By CCeiT (AFP)