Pretty startled by loose minks: ‘Soon a beast like that will have corona’

Residents of Best are worried about loose minks that have been seen on the streets in recent days; residents are afraid of being infected with corona. Possibly the animals come from a nearby breeding farm in the municipality of Brabant.

Resident Soraya van de Crommert saw one of those minks walking today. “I was walking my dog when suddenly one came out of the bushes”, she told Omroep Brabant.

Van de Crommert is worried because of the large number of minks that appear to be infected with the corona virus in the Netherlands. “It’s weird that they walk around loose. Soon a dog or a small child will be bitten and will have corona. We all don’t want that.”

Man bitten

Resident Jago Lachmeijer managed to catch one of the minks. The animal walked into his garden and grabbed one of his chickens. Lachmeijer himself was also injured, he was bitten by the mink. “I tried to lure him with cat food but he didn’t react”, he says. Then I lured him with the dead chicken and he succeeded. But he didn’t like it when I grabbed him.”

Lachmeijer is not afraid of being infected with corona. “I am 62 but in good health. I went straight to the doctor and got a tetanus injection.” The mink was picked up by the animal ambulance later in the evening.

Whether the minks escaped or were deliberately released is not clear. A nearby mink farm says it does not want to respond to the issue for fear of negative publicity.

The municipality of Best called in the Jagersvereniging to catch the minks.