Prevent scams by chat tricks and whats app fraud

Theft by so-called “chat tricks” are becoming more common. Unknowns pretending to be bank employees call you, and before you know it, you‘ve released information that the crook gets his shot and steals all your money. You don’t think it‘s gonna happen to you. Saskia Smith warned her father extensively, and yet he almost got the brunt.

The chitchat trick, or scam by setting off a chitchat story, is more common than you think. The police are warning everywhere. Unfortunately, scammers still manage too often. This lady, too, was robbed. But that “cozy chat” also happens via SMS and other text messages on your phone. For example, you get an app of an unknown number, but from the text it looks like it belongs to a known one. The scammers are getting smarter and so they still manage to take money out of people. Despite the fact that the newspaper has already written about it on a regular basis and that you heard it through, it remains to pay attention.

Freelance journalist Saskia Smith warned her eighty-year-old father extensively and yet he was almost the victim of scams. “I told him I would never ask for money through an app. When I get a new number, I’ll call you to tell you, if you‘re being appreded and you don’t know who it is, call me first, don‘t answer a vague app. He got it. Of course he wouldn’t just answer.” Unfortunately, it happened anyway… “He was appended and thought it was me. So my dad was going to have the conversation anyway. Fortunately, he doesn‘t know what a Tikkie is, and when he had to transfer money, he didn’t remember and called me. It ended well this time, but these guys are pretty sophisticated.”

“ Our (older) parents often have no idea. Of course, they want to help their children, of course they will transfer money equally quickly. Meanwhile, their bank account will be plundered.” So Saskia wants to warn, too. “Talk to your parents about it, show them these screenshots so they see what these kinds of apps look like, press them to always call you when it comes to money in apps, make arrangements about what‘s going on and let’s make our parents more resilient against this kind of practice!”

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