Price in Zeist changed 180 degrees: penalty- and red card balance decreases sharply

Not so long ago, the number of red cards and penalties had increased explosively at the beginning of this season, partly due to the controversial new rules of hands. We are now a few months further and now โ€” remarkably enough โ€” the opposite is the case: there are hardly any penalties left and red cards handed out in the Eredivisie. Time to put all the numbers in a row.

The administration of the KNVB worked overtime at the beginning of the season. After eight rounds โ€” not even counting the catching up match FC Utrecht โ€” AZ โ€” forty penalty kicks were already given and 23 red cards were handed out. The records from 2018/2019 (103 penalties) and 2012/2013 (84 red cards) seemed to be pulverized, but now the world looks very different again.
Red cards: sharp declinationApart from a brief revival in early December โ€” eight (!) red cards in game round eleven โ€” the number of Eredivisie players has declined dramatically. In the meantime we are on 43 red cards after twenty whole rounds and one half: during the record season 12/13 there had been 58 red times around this time. At the beginning of November we were still four red cards ahead of the record schedule, now we are no less than fifteen behind it. A red card record doesnt seem to be in this season anymore.
Penalty kicks: A sharp fall for a penaltyrecord we are still
on schema, but it is still very questionable whether it is in it. This season, 68 times have been pointed to the mark, during the record season 18/19 โ€” not entirely by chance the debut year of the VAR โ€” 65 penalties were given around this time of year. So we still have a small margin on the record schedule, but in mid-November we were still 13 penalty kicks ahead of schedule.

New HandsruleBased on the statistics, there is therefore much less stringent whistling than in the beginning of the season. Then much attention was paid to the newly introduced hands-rule: when a ball came to the area between the fingertips and the underside of the armpit, it was automatically called hands, whether accidentally or intentionally. It resulted in penalties especially at the beginning of this season: sixteen between mid-September and the end of December, but only two in the first football month of 2021.
Willem II-back Derrick Kรถhn was in early January against VVV-Venlo, Saturday received Danilho Doekhi a penalty against during sc Heerenveen – Vitesse. But when Marcos Senesi got the ball against his outstretched hand during the topper Feyenoord – AZ, it did not result in a penalty. And according to the explanation Bas Nijhuis gave at Veronica Inside at the beginning of this season, that was actually the intention…

Seven dismissed red cardsWe conclude with another striking statistic: this season it has already occurred seven times that a red card did not lead to a suspension. Mica Pinto (Sparta) and Glenn Bijl (FC Emmen) got red on the basis of the notorious rule, but were acquitted by the disciplinary committee on appeal. The red cards for Edson รlvarez (Ajax) and Kwasi Wriedt (Willem II) were also dismissed. Would this have caused the referees to whistle less strictly?
(Hein Nooijens/Football scoop)