Pricks with Astrazeneca vaccine suspended in South Africa

South Africa has suspended vaccination with the Astrazeneca vaccine. Initial test results suggest that the vaccine provides limited protection against mild and moderate symptoms of the South African corona variant. That is what the Minister of Health Zweli Mkhize announced.

The news is quite a setback for the African country, which received a million doses of the vaccine last week. South Africa was planning to start vaccinating healthcare workers in mid-February.

The small-scale study, which has not yet undergone a peer review, did not determine whether the vaccine protects against more severe symptoms. This is because the 2000 participants were mainly young and healthy adults.

Resume with Pricks

If following studies show that the Astrazeneca vaccine works in more severe cases, South African health authorities consider resuming vaccinations. Meanwhile, in South Africa other vaccines will be rolled out, Mkhize promised.

Developers of the Astrazeneca vaccine expect them to adjust the prick by autumn to provide sufficient protection against symptoms of this variant.

The South African mutation is the most common in South Africa and has already emerged in 32 countries. More than 46,000 South Africans have died from the effects of the coronavirus.