Pride parade Budapest runs quietly: ‘Orbán can go to Brussels’ with head raised

The Pride march in Budapest has been visited by thousands of people. The parade went in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere, saw Balkan correspondent David Jan Godfroid.

This years Pride was a protest against the containment of LGBTI freedoms in Hungary. The country has introduced an anti-lhbti law that prohibits films and other media that promote homosexuality and gender change among minors.

Participants protested with banners and signs against the contested law. The motto of this Pride was Recover Your Future, which also refers to Hungarys political climate in relation to lhbtiers, says Godfroid.

Thousands of people participated in the march:

The anti-lhbti law is under attack on Hungary internationally. At an EU summit in June, the Heads of Government pushed the pressure to get him off the table, but without any results. Prime Minister Orbán recently announced a referendum on the law to counteract European pressure.

He says he does not fear the outcome of the public consultation. The Hungarian Parliament recently passed the law by a majority of 157 votes. The parliament has 199 seats.

The Pride march also attended many foreign politicians and diplomats to express their support for the Hungarian lhbti community. This is how ambassadors from the Netherlands, Canada, Ireland and the UK walked along.

It has not come to disturbances for the time being. Counterprotesters who were along the route of the march had to stay behind a fence. Participants in the march received police protection.

Godfroid himself followed a group of about twenty people on their way to the square where participants of the march gathered. There they were offered police protection in the form of two police cars.

According to him, it is also important for Hungary that the march went quietly. The mayor of Budapest belongs to the opposition and carries Pride a warm heart, but Prime Minister Orbán also has nothing to do if participants are beaten up. In fact, he can go to Brussels with his head raised, by pointing out how friendly and quiet it all went.

The Pride March programme ends at 20:00 tonight.