Priest (40) in Italy ‘bought Dutch sex party drugs’

A 40-year-old Italian priest, who until recently was busy raising money for church mercy works, was arrested Tuesday for drug trafficking.

The cleric Don Francesco Spagnesi from the Tuscan town of Prato has run into the lamp after he was arrested with a city mate in the car. They had several times a half to a whole litre of the highly addictive and harmful liquid GBL (gamma butyrolactone) imported from the Netherlands with cocaine, according to justice.

They had bought the drugs thanks to fundraisers among the faithful of the parish. The money would be for poor families in trouble.

Sex parties

The priest and his friend allegedly hosted sex parties for two years in which they found participants on a racy encounters website according to police. During the parties, the narcotics were used eagerly. GBL is also referred to as โ€œthe rape drugโ€ or โ€œcoma in a bottle.โ€

The sex parties were organized at the priests friends home in Prato.


Spagnesi had recently asked for a years leave for health reasons.

His boss, the bishop of Prato Giovanni Nerbini, is disappointed. โ€œThese are messages you would never want to hear,โ€ said the bishop. Nerbini had known for several months that the priest Francesco Spagnesi had addiction problems and had told him to contact a psychotherapist to get rid of it. He had also noticed that something was wrong about the accounting, but the priest always said that the money went to the needy families.