Primary evil India continues: 10 million vaccinations in one day

India first put more than 10 million corona prick in one day on Friday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks of a memorable achievement for the country with 1.3 billion inhabitants. The previous record stood at 9.2 million pricks.

In total, more than 622 million pricks were administered in India. More than half of the 944 million adults have now received a first dose of a coronavine vaccine. India administers three different vaccines, all of which consist of two doses.

The pace of the vaccination campaign is accelerating, but the target of 1.1 billion vaccinates at the end of this year is still hampered by, among other things, a shortage of resources, red tape and restraint among the people.


overload care India aims to prevent

new chaos in the country with the vaccination campaign. The wave of infection in April and May resulted in an overload of care, more than 200,000 deaths, and a shortage of medical devices. After that, the number of infections decreased sharply, but is increasing again.

On Saturday, nearly 47,000 new infections were recorded, the largest number in nearly two months. Some 70 percent of reports came from the southern state of Kerala, where a big festival was held last week. Experts think that the next wave in India may start next month as the festival season begins.