Primary school director watches videos of child abuse on dark web

The temporary director of a primary school in the English town of Middlesbrough has admitted to watching videos of child sexual abuse on the dark web. Thirty-year-old Richard Swinnerton was guilty for two years of watching, among other things, rape videos of minors until his arrest in May.

On his laptop, police officers found 87 abuse videos. Swinnerton used special software to move around anonymously on the dark web. “People who watch child abuse videos cause more children to be abused and condemn them to a life of extreme trauma,” said Julie Booker, a member of the National Crime Agency. Thats what the Daily Mail says.

It is not clear whether Swinnerton has physically abused children as well. According to the prosecutor, there is no evidence so far. The school where Swinnerton worked states in a statement that they are grateful for the support of the parents and assure them that the welfare and safety of children is always paramount.