Primary schools do not open again on 25 January

Primary schools and childcare centres will not open again on 25 January. Initiates report that the Cabinet will decide this following an opinion from the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), which is owned by DeccEit.

In the opinion, the OMT refers to the โ€œworrying developmentsโ€ surrounding the British variant and other variants of the virus. They have gained a foothold in the Netherlands and are more contagious than the original virus.

Since new information is also received every day about the variants, it is not wise to reopen the primary schools early, the OMT concludes. According to the OMT, the situation is not so bad that schools should stop providing emergency care for, for example, children of people with crucial professions.

Complaints free

The experts stress that they do not give the negative advice because children would be at increased risk because of the British variant. Research has shown nothing to do with that. On the contrary, children become infected less often than adults, and also usually get less sick.

The ongoing investigation into the outbreak of the variant in Bergschenhoek confirms the suspicion that children often remain completely free of complaints while they are infected, writes the OMT. Whether that also means that they are less likely to transfer corona is unclear and needs to be further investigated.


The cabinet considered reopening primary schools and childcare centres as early as 25 January, in order to reduce learning disabilities among vulnerable pupils. Secondary education will remain closed until 9 February.

The opinion of the OMT will be discussed tomorrow by the most concerned ministers at the Catshuis. After that, the cabinet will almost certainly decide to keep the primary schools closed until 9 February, the day the lockdown may be lifted.

Furthermore, according to the insiders, the Cabinet will decide to introduce a curfew at the beginning of next week. Ministers will also receive an opinion from the OMT on this issue.

On the British variant of the virus, the OMT further states in its opinion today that its spread does not seem to be under control. From April, this can lead to a great pressure on care, the experts write.