Prime Minister Conte can continue with minority government thanks to Senate support

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has received enough support in the Senate to continue to rule after last week‘s government crisis. In a spirit of confidence, he was given the green light of 156 senators; there were 140 votes against and 16 abstentions.

Conte had to win at least 155 yes votes in order to continue. Political decisions require a parliamentary majority of 161 seats. It is assumed that the Prime Minister can effectively continue to rule by seeking varying majorities for his proposals, because he now has to find only 5 seats outside his coalition.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Conte’s centre-left coalition was supported by a large majority in the House of Commons. It was already expected that the vote in the Senate would not be a run race for the head of government.

Arguing about coronasteun

Last Wednesday, the government crisis in Italy was a reality when former Prime Minister Renzi withdrew his two ministers from the government of the Five Star Movement and the Social Democratic PDS. Renzi, who, with his small Italia Viva, gave the coalition a majority, had been in trouble with the coalition partners for some time over the support from the European Coronafonds.

The Five Star Movement does not want to borrow money from the European Stabilisation Mechanism to co-finance the extra costs of health care. The party fears that Brussels will then have too much control over Italian policy. Renzi does insist on the use of the European Fund.