Prime Minister Haiti survives assassination attempt

Prime Minister Henry of Haiti survived an assassination attempt on New Years Day. Unknowns attacked him and his company as they left a church where Independence Day was celebrated.

Social media shows Henry and heavily armed bodyguards leaving the church. Gunfire erupted and Henry was taken to a ready car. He remained unharmed. Local media says there was a dead person and two people were injured. According to the Haitian government, the attack was the work of โ€œbandits and terroristsโ€.

Haiti is going through a period of great turmoil. In July, President Moรฏse was murdered, presumably by foreign mercenaries. Who hired them is unclear. Henry was sworn in two weeks later. He has promised that he will put an end to criminal gangs responsible for kidnappings and have taken over petrol distribution. The country is experiencing serious fuel shortages.

A date for new presidential elections has yet to be set.