Prime Minister Hamdok steps out over ‘political impasse’ in Sudan

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has resigned. He announced that in a television address today. Hamdok spoke of a political impasse in Sudan following the October military coup.

Hamdok said a roundtable is needed to reach a new agreement for Sudans transition to a well-functioning democracy.

The Prime Minister was deposed at the time after the coup He was arrested and placed under house arrest. In November, he returned as Prime Minister, after he and the military struck a deal.

As former UN official, the former Prime Minister was the face of the civilians who share power with the army since the fall of former dictator Omar al Bashir in 2019, who would continue to share that power in the run-up to free elections, but since 2019 the country has been far from stable.

Mass demonstrations

After the army coup in October, there was demonstrated at home and abroad. In Sudan, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets and roadblocks were erected in the capital Khartoum.

As seen in this video:

The reinstallation of Hamdok as Prime Minister was an important requirement of the protesters, but mass demonstrations have not stopped since then. Many participants say that the military still has power behind the scenes and they demand that the military leaders give up their influence on the government.

Last week, according to the pro-democracy Sudan Doctors Committee, a collective of doctors, at least four protesters were shot dead. Dozens of people were injured.