Prime Minister UK denounces “despicable harassment” top medical advisor

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson denounces Chris Whittys despicable harassment, who gives advice to the government on medical matters. On social media, footage appeared on Monday showing that the top advisor is being grabbed by two men as he walks across the street.

Whitty, who is more likely to deal with harassment due to his role in the corona crisis, was detained by two yelling men while one of them filmed the incident. The images show that the adviser was struggling to separate himself from the smiling duo.

I condemn the behavior of these villains, Johnson says on Twitter. Our hardworking officials shouldnt undergo this kind of harassment and we wont tolerate it. Other high-ranking politicians also expressed their disgust. Vaccination Minister Nadhim Zahawi called it a disgusting incident and called for criminal prosecution.

British police report investigating the incident that took place in a park in London on Sunday. The police spoke to everyone involved.