Primordia authors called release date as Strangelands poetic horror

Studio Wormwood, known for Primordias post-apocalyptic adventure, and publishing house Wadjet Eye Games have announced that Strangelands poetic horror adventure will be released on PC on May 25. The game will be available on Steam and GOG. Over Strangeland the studio worked for about ten years.

It is a strange and grim surreal story about individuality, loss and redemption, which will take about five hours to pass. But at the same time it can be replayed again, because the problems have several solutions, the choice made changes the story, and in the final there are several different ends.

The plot Strangeland begins with the fact that the hero crosses suspended in the sky bridge and falls into an eerie house of entertainment. Inside, he sees that a woman is thrown into the well, and then the payphone calls, and in the tube – his own voice.

Players have to answer a lot of questions, and have time to do it before everything will absorb the darkness. For those who want to get to the final as soon as possible, there is a built-in system of prompts.

And for those who want to learn more, developer comments and annotation mode will tell about the games many metaphors, references and mysteries. More on CCeit David Geider told what Dragon Age 2 Psychological horror and climax of the series would like to see — fresh details of Resident Evil Village Fresh Patch for Cyberpunk 2077 already available.