Prince Charles Out of Sorrow Over Slavery: ‘Most Painful Period of Our Past’

During a visit to Rwanda, British Crown Prince Charles said that he regretted the slavery past. The prince called it โ€œthe most painful period in our historyโ€ in a speech for leaders of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Charles said in the Rwandan capital Kigali that he finds it difficult to express โ€œthe depths of his personal griefโ€ over the slavery past in words. According to Charles, the potential of the Commonwealth can only be realized if the mistakes that โ€œshaped our pastโ€ are recognized.

Charles added that it is up to the nations in the Commonwealth, formerly the British Commonwealth, to decide whether to remain monarchy under Queen Elizabeth or become a republic. โ€œI want to make it clear once again that each member decides on their own constitutional arrangement, as a republic or monarchy,โ€ he said.

โ€œThe advantage of longevity is that I have the experience that these types of arrangements can change calmly and without rancor,โ€ concluded the 73-year-old British Crown Prince.

Criticism about asylum plan

Charles also spoke to British Prime Minister Johnson in Kigali. The two represented the United Kingdom at the meeting of the 54 Commonwealth countries, of which Queen Elizabeth is the head.

The conversation between the two came not long after Charles allegedly spoke critically about the Rwanda asylum plan. The UK wants to send asylum seekers to Rwanda to let them wait for their asylum procedure there. The future king is said to have called the plan โ€œterribleโ€ in private circles.

The Prime Minister wouldnt say anything about what he had discussed with Charles. He just said it had been an enjoyable conversation.

Value for money

Johnson also did not want to say whether Rwanda received the promised ยฃ120 million for participating in the controversial asylum plan. However, he said he was convinced that the plan โ€œwill bring value for moneyโ€.

The top of Commonwealth leaders fell through in 2020 and 2021 due to the corona pandemic and had not been held for a total of four years.