Prince Charles pays tribute to ‘mummy’ at anniversary concert

British Prince Charles paid tribute to his mother, Queen Elizabeth, at the anniversary concert at Buckingham Palace. โ€œYou cry and laugh with us, and most importantly, you‘ve been there for us these seventy years.โ€

Charles, with his wife Camilla by his side, thanked mummy on behalf of the whole world. Serving the British people is the reason they get up every day, he said. โ€œYou vowed to serve your whole life, and you still do. That’s why we‘re here. That’s what we‘re celebrating tonight.โ€

The 96-year-old queen herself was not at the concert celebrating her seventy-year anniversary on the British throne for health reasons. She is very sorry about that, Charles said at the end of his speech.

โ€œBut Windsor Castle is only 20 miles away,โ€ the Crown Prince told 22,000 spectators. โ€œIf we cheer hard enough, maybe she can hear us. Let’s all get involved.โ€ After that, there was a loud cheer from the attendees.


Elizabeth was not at the concert herself, but at the beginning she was still there for a while. In a taped video, she drank tea with Paddington bear and revealed that she shares his penchant for marmalade sandwiches.

Paddington wasn‘t the only star to participate in the concert on the third day of the festivities celebrating Elizabeth’s platinum anniversary. Aptly enough, the rock band Queen also performed, as did Alicia Keys and Rod Stewart, among others. The concert was concluded by Diana Ross.

Tomorrow is the last day of the anniversary celebrations. The day will be all about festivities in neighborhoods and streets.