Prince Charming: We did not expect this turn!

Finally, what weve all been looking forward to: the final ceremony of Prince Charming! And it takes a very unexpected turn… Note: contains spoilers!

The men are going on a group date with the four of us. Theyre gonna do a cold watercourse, and everyone gets a one-on-one moment with Marvin. We didnt get much wiser from that.


Marvin does not like to make a decision on his own and wants help from the people closest to him: his mother and two best friends. The three remaining men are going to video calls with them and talk to the ladies. With Marnix and Ferdi things went smoothly and fairly naturally, with Rick the conversation went a bit more stiff. A little awkward even. Thats not a good sign…

the next day Rick is invited by Marvin to have a conversation. We already expected it: Marvin is not going around it and tells Rick that a relationship is not in place for them. Rick thought that was okay, because he wasnt ready for a new relationship yet. Thats why he also participated in this program, so as not to get a new relationship… Anyway, Rick packs his bags and says goodbye to the two remaining men, and unfortunately we have to say goodbye to our eyecandy. Because you can say a lot about Rick, but he was absolutely beautiful.

Ultimate date

Marnix and Ferdi can both go on an ultimate date. This is the time for Marvin to see who he sees a future with. Ferdi is the first turn. The two arrive at a golf course, but get into a helicopter there to take a beautiful helicopter ride. On that date, theres a lot of kissing on the loose. It couldnt go better than this.

And after that, Marnix had to… they went sailing and snorkelling. A lot less spectacular than the helicopter flight, but you cant say that about kissing. Marvin is taking it quite a bit.

Last ceremony

Dan… the very last ceremony. Marvin really needs to choose between Marnix and Ferdi. He makes it nice and exciting. Because HUH? Hes sending Ferdi home? We didnt see any of those coming. Yet Marvin claims to see a future with Marnix rather than Ferdi.

The reunion is next week. Could any interesting things have happened in the meantime? And were you #teamFerdi or #teamMarnix? Let us know via Facebook!