Prince Joachim is grateful after brain surgery that he is still alive

Prince Joachim gave an interview for the first time since his brain surgery last summer. The Danish prince, who had a blood clot in his brain, feels good but is not there yet, according to his own words. โ€œI am grateful to be alive,โ€ he told the Danish channel DR.

โ€œ Its still something Im working on and it will be a long time to come,โ€ said the prince about his recovery. โ€œIts not just myself and my physical health that have been touched. My wife, children and immediate family also affected it. Therefore, the family is also part of the recovery process. We thank our creator every day.โ€

Joachim was not able to start his new job as a defence attachรฉ at the Danish Embassy in Paris until later. Since September, the prince has been working and life in the French capital, where he lived for about a year and a half with his wife Marie and their two children, pleases well. โ€œWe have our little life in Paris, which has already become more limited by the coronacrisis. We enjoy being together. We enjoy every moment and the smallest things, like helping the kids with their homework.โ€

It is because of Corona a strange time in Paris, says the prince. But, of course, he follows all the measures. โ€œWe owe it to each other, but also to ourselves. Its crazy for words to walk around thinking that you cant be touched by corona. Anyone can be hit. Some may be hit very hard, some are lucky, but there is no reason to be careless. This is serious.โ€