Prince Philip encrusted after sober funeral ceremony

Accompanied by military bands and with a royal procession, the United Kingdom has said goodbye to Prince Philip. A sober funeral ceremony took place in the St. George Chapel of Windsor Castle.

Queen Elizabeths husband died on 9 April at the age of 99. He was buried in the crypt under the chapel. After the death of Queen Elizabeth, he is joined with her in the small King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle. Thats where Elizabeths parents and sister lie.

See here a summary of the ceremonies:

The ceremony took place from the sight of the general public but could be followed in its entirety on television. Prior to the service, the casket with the body of the prince was brought from the castles Inner Hall to the chapel in a co-designed green Land Rover.

Behind the coffin were his son Crown Prince Charles and his daughter Anne. Behind it, among others, the princes William and Harry. All the way in the back, the queen drove her Bentley.

The austere ceremony in the chapel began with a minutes silence throughout the UK. After that, the coffin was brought inside. The Archbishop of the Anglican Church, Justin Welby, took the lead with Prince Charles and three of Prince Philips grandchildren. This was done under the supervision of vocals of a four-piece choir. Because of the coronameasures, that choir sang in another room.

At the end of the service, Prince William and Prince Harry walked out together talking. It was the first time in a year the two brothers saw each other. The relationship between Harry and William hasnt been good for a while. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry and his wife Meghan said that they felt unsupported by William.

Queen sat alone

In total, thirty guests were invited to the ceremony in the chapel, all immediate relatives of the prince and the queen. Prince Harrys wife, Meghan, was not present. Being highly pregnant, she stayed at home in the US on the advice of her doctors. All those present wore a mouthcap and sat with their own family in the chapel, two metres away from other families.

That meant the queen was on her own. โ€œHer bubble was alone with Prince Philip,โ€ says former correspondent Suse van Kleve.

See here the ceremony in photos:

There were only a few hundred visitors near the castle. The police had called in not to come to the ceremony because of corona. โ€œMany people have responded to that,โ€ says correspondent Tim de Wit. โ€œNormally tens of thousands of people would be present.โ€ Earlier this day, flowers were laid at the castle and at Buckingham Palace in London.

The people who had traveled could probably not see anything at all of the ceremonies. โ€œEverything took place inside,โ€ says De Wit. โ€œIt was really a TV event.โ€

Towards the end of the minutes silence, a naked woman began to scream loudly. Among other things, she shouted: โ€œSave the Planetโ€. The police had her under control quickly and took her away.

Pillar of the Queen

Prince Philip was born in Corfu in 1921 as Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. His parents belonged to the high nobility of Europe and were attached to numerous royal houses.

He was seen as an important pillar of the British monarchy. With a marriage to the Queen of more than 73 years, he is the longest serving prince-pumping station ever in the British Empire.

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