Prince William deployed to prevent Scotlands separation: They must appear as inhabitants

Prince William and his wife Catherine are deployed to prevent the United Kingdom from falling apart. According to sources of The Sunday Times, the British couple should spend more time in Scotland, where independence is again high on the political agenda.

According to an insider, the royal family fears that politicians are โ€œlosing Scotlandโ€. The Scots chose to stay with the UK in 2014, but many want a new independence referendum. There is a great deal of dissatisfaction in the area with Brexit, which a large majority of Scots voted against in 2016.

William and Catherine would now be asked to spend more time in Balmoral, the summer home of the royal family in Scotland. They have to treat it as a full-fledged home and less like a holiday spot. It is also proposed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tighten ties with the town of St. Andrews, where they met years ago in college. โ€œThey should not appear as visitors, but as residents,โ€ says an insider.

The couple should be used as a โ€œvisible symbol of the bond between England and Scotland.โ€ William is presumably better than British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to the newspaper, a recent poll shows that 71 percent of Scots have a negative picture of Johnson, while 69 percent are positive about the prince.

The pro-independence camp in Scotland has already made it clear that it is not waiting for royal interference. Former Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond recently suggested that his โ€œdesperateโ€ ideological opponents are trying to put the prince in front of their cart. According to British media, he called on the royal family to remain above politics.