Prince William upset: he does not understand politicians

Prince William is very concerned about climate change. The future of the world and the lack of political action give him even sleepless nights. That tells the Duke of Cambridge, according to the Daily Mail, in the Friday to appear podcast Outrage + Optimism.

William thinks its crazy that politicians do so little about climate change. After all, they are in a position to change something, says the prince. โ€œTherefore, I do not understand why those who hold the reins do nothing. I think thats what really upsets me and makes me wake up at night.โ€

William, who launched the Earthshot Prize for solutions to the climate crisis earlier this month, says that we should stop talking about the problem and โ€œact on climate change instead.โ€

However, the prince now knows that he can approach things better optimistically instead of pointing out what is not going well. โ€œAs I grew up, I felt that highlighting the negative was the way to move forward and force people to do things. I said, โ€œListen, these are really bad things, and you need to change them.โ€ But that doesnt work.โ€

According to William, more listened to, especially young climate activists such as Greta Thunberg. โ€œWhen younger generations fight for their future together, I think that politicians and political will must be present to listen and act.โ€