Princes Harry and William commemorate their grandfather with warm words

In a statement, the British Prince Harry responded once again to the death of his grandfather Prince Philip. Queen Elizabeths husband died on Friday. โ€œThank you for your service. You will be greatly missed,โ€ was then published on the website of Harrys media company and his wife Meghan.

Now Harry is more elaborate on the death of his grandfather. He praises him for his sense of duty, humour and devotion to Queen Elizabeth. โ€œI could continue, but I know he would say, with a glass of beer in his hand, Lets go back to normal now. โ€

โ€œ You will be seriously missed, but never forgotten, neither by the nation nor by the world. Meghan, Archie and I (as well as your future great-granddaughter) always keep a special place in our hearts for you.โ€


Harry and Meghan are in disagree with the royal family, as demonstrated by an interesting interview last month at Oprah Winfrey. The couple lives in the United States. Harry returned to the UK last weekend for his grandfathers funeral next Saturday. Meghan, pregnant with their second child, remained on the advice of her doctor in the US.

Harrys statement today was published half an hour after a statement from his older brother William. He, too, commemorates his grandfather with warm feelings. โ€œI am fortunate that I had this example and that he was always around, in good and bad times. I am eternally grateful that my wife has had so much time to get to know him and for the kindness she received from him.โ€

A look back on the life of Prince Philip: