Princess Diana actress Emma Corrin during hospitalization

Emma Corrin, the 24-year-old actress who plays the role of Princess Diana in the new season of the Netflix series The Crown, announced in an interview with Glamour that she was taken to the hospital after being admitted to a swimming pool in Spain. Corrin was supercooled and because of her asthmatic problems, the crew took no risk of her health.

โ€œ I had to shoot a scene in an ice-cold pool with my children William and Harry. It was sincerely the most heavy recording I have ever had, because in the days before I had had a big cold. It was so cold that I literally tried to keep myself above water. And then we found out during the recordings that Harry couldnt swim,โ€ says Corrin.

She continues: โ€œWe were supposed to fly back to England that night, so we went to the hospital to get some antibiotics. The doctors ran an oxygen test on me and then said that they absolutely wouldnt let me get on the plane. My oxygen levels were far too low, which led to hospitalization.โ€

When the

hospital staff realized Emma was Princess Diana, they did everything they could to keep her identity a secret. โ€œWe know youre playing this role. Do you want us to put a paper bag over your head so that no one recognizes you?โ€

For Corrin, that was when she realized how much impact The Crown has worldwide. โ€œThen you lie there completely disabled and gasping for breath. And then completely unknowns worry about your privacy, when it would be a long time before the new season would be broadcast. That did something to me.โ€