Princess Diana musical premiered on Netflix

The musical Diana: A New Musical about the life of the British princess Diana who had to be seen for the first time on Broadway in New York this spring will have a special premiere. The piece will first be shown on Netflix, as producers Grove Entertainment, Frank Marshall and The Araca Group have announced.

It is the first time that a Broadway production will first be shown on television and only then in the theatre. The premiere was actually scheduled for 31 March, but it had to be cancelled due to the corona crisis. Just before New York closed, a number of try-outs by Diana were performed. The musical has now been given a new opening date: on 25 May 2021.

Diana tells the life of the British princess, who saw her fairytale marriage to Prince Charles explode and since joining the royal family graced the front pages of the British tabloids every day. In 1997, Lady Di died in a fatal accident in Paris.


The play, starring Jeanna de Waal, will be performed for Netflix without an audience at the Longacre Theatre. It is not yet known when Diana will appear on the streaming service.

Earlier this year, Netflixs competitor Disney+ achieved great success by making the hit musical Hamilton available online