Princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven are vaccinated

Princess Margriet (77) and Professor Pieter van Vollenhoven (81) will be vaccinated against the coronavirus when it comes to their turn. This has been confirmed to the ANP from Apeldoorn on request. It was already known that Princess Beatrix, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Mรกxima will be vaccinated.

However, the Oranjes will not be vaccinated in front of the camera as the Jordanian king Abdullah and his son Crown Prince Hussein did on Thursday and also King Salman of Saudi Arabia. The National Information Service indicated that there will also be no communication when the pricks have been made.

Such an announcement was made in Britain when Queen Elizabeth (94) and Prince Philip (99) were vaccinated. Denmark and Norway have also reported the vaccination of Queen Margrethe (80) and King Harald (83) and Queen Sonja (83) respectively. On Wednesday, the Swedish court announced that King Carl Gustaf (74) and Queen Silvia (77) were waiting neatly until their turn.