Prison Simulator release date announced in trailer with live cast

Studio Baked Games, a newcomer to the gaming industry, has finally named a release date for prison warden simulator Prison Simulator. The game is released on Steam on November 4. And announced it in a new trailer featuring live actors: it depicts a prelude of harsh weekdays at a Nebraska correctional institution.

Announcing the premiere date, the developers shared a number of facts. The game had a budget of almost half a million dollars, and added 164,000 players to the desired lists.

The Prison Simulator prologue was a great success: 665 thousand people passed it, and 91% of them rated the entry positive. In the game, we have to ensure that the prison is in order while waiting promotion to warden.

We‘re going to have to set a timetable, keep order, stop gang activity and slow down the flow of contraband. Or do we decide to make money by complying with the bandits requests? More on Growing Up Growing Up came out on Steam and liked by 77% of buyers Skul: The Hero Slayer is out on consoles October 21 Heroes of Might & Magic III will get a desktop version.