Prisonation for Belgian who was pivotal in fipronil scandal

The Belgian, who is seen as the pivotal part of the fipronil scandal four years ago, has been sentenced to a prison sentence of three years. Of these, two years are on probation. He must also pay damages of 14.8 million euros together with two other convicted Belgians.

According to the Antwerp court, Patrick R. has supplied several companies with a pesticide against blood lice infected with fipronil. He deliberately added the banned substance to the pesticide, says the judge.

The 49-year-old Belgian supplied among others to the Dutch companies ChickFriend and ChickClean. They used the toxic substance to treat the stables of Dutch chicken farmers against bloodlice.

Eggs destroyed, chickens culled

Eggs eventually turned out to be contaminated with fipronil, which is harmful to consumers. Many companies were forced to lock and millions of eggs and chickens had to be destroyed.

Two Belgian minions have been sentenced to lower prison sentences. The question is whether Patrick R. can pay the damages because his company went bankrupt after the fiproni affair.

The owners of ChickFriend and ChickClean have recently been sentenced by the court in Zwolle to one year imprisonment for their part in the fipronil scandal. They, too, knew that there was fipronil in the drug they used, ruled the judge.