Private label supermarket increasingly cheap, says Consumers’ Association

The price difference between A-brands and private labels is getting bigger and bigger, according to the Consumers’ Association after research. On average, the difference between an A-brand and a private label product was still 24 percent in 2014, now private label products are on average 45 percent cheaper.

Aggressive price difference

According to the Consumers’ Association, the price difference between A-brand and private label grows by about 5 percentage points each year: in 2018 the price difference between them was 36 percent, last year 40 percent and now an average of 45 percent.

This is, according to a spokesman, due to the A-brands which became more expensive again last year, but also because at Albert Heijn and Jumbo, for example, “the house brand is slowly merging with the cheaper budget brand”, as a result of which the price differences are increasing.

The average price difference between A-brand products and private labels was highest (48 percent) in the chains Dane, Dirk, Vomar and Deka

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