Pro-European candidate wins presidential elections in Moldova

It seems that the reformist Maia Sandu has won the presidential elections in Moldova. Preliminary figures from the Central Electoral Commission show that Sandu received 57% of the vote against 43% for current President Igor Dodon.

Former Prime Minister Sandu won nearly two weeks ago during the first round of elections. She also took a throw at the presidency four years ago. Then she lost to Dodon.

The poorest country

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe and nowhere in the world the population is shrinking so rapidly. Many Moldovans choose to emigrate.

A large part of that group seems to have voted for Sandu from abroad. During her campaign, she also focused on the diaspora.


The pro-European Sandu wants to tackle the corruption in Moldova, which it believes is holding the country in a stranglehold. Furthermore, it intends to strengthen ties with the European Union, when President Dodon has been moving towards Russia in recent years.

Sandu studied in Harvard and was an economist at the World Bank. Until recently, she was the Prime Minister of Moldova. Before that, she was Minister of Education.